For getting a more stable interface with interaction gallery access via Flickr, deviant art, and youtube. I personally built an offline website for a total information access. It will consist of 4 different websites and they will be all integrated into one little application.

p.s. Instant internet access required.

The official versions are listed belowed. Now it is currently free to download during the development stage.
Minimum system requirement. Windows Vista, 7, XP. 64MB RAM. 1.0Ghz

ShoCast v.1.6 Beta 3/7/2010

  • more new features
  • new graphics
  • frames effects

    ShoCast v1.5 Beta 3/1/2010

  • cpu optimization
  • flickr API components fix
  • button graphics improved
  • controlling improved

    ShoCast v1.1 Beta 2/21/2010

    ShoCast v1.0 beta2/15/2010

    Client gallery for the most updated compositions.
    The various inspecting functions gives alot of options to browse each awesome fine art.

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